Spiritual Fatherhood

Spiritual Fatherhood In God’s Family

Timage001his year the theme of our poster centers around “Fatherhood” and specifically “Spiritual Fatherhood”. It has often been asked as to how one might call a priest (who is a celibate man) a ‘father’? Christ when asked about the Father responded; “He who sees me, see the Father” (Jn 12:35) and again, “The Father and I are one” (Jn 10:30). 

In the same way, the priest as Christ’s representative, standing “In Persona Christi Capitis” (in the person of Christ the head), is called to emulate the presence of the Father, which only comes from a his interior unity and conformity to Christ.

In the world today many people find themselves devoid of an example of a stable father figure. Naturally we can come to project some of these experiences or concepts onto those who carry the same title as our experience. With this in mind, the role of the spiritual father in God’s family is one of supreme importance. As the Holy Father (Pope Francis) has made so clear, we need to renew our focus on the family and place ourselves in service of it.

Please out of your charity, pray for these men as they discern and prepare to be Fathers to the people of God.

Feel free to download or share this poster or even use it as a prayer card.