St. Joseph Seminary College

The Theme: Band of Brothers

Andrew who is a senior at St. Joseph Seminary College talks about what it means to be a seminarian.

Football GameSaint_Joseph_Seminary_College_LogoFraternity. Perhaps the word most associated with St. Joseph Seminary College. What begins each year as a group of seminarians transforms and molds into a unique band of brothers willing to work, pray, and have fun together.

We work together. There are two main events: Bonfire Day and Abbey Youth Fest. In preparation for Bonfire Day, the community spends the fall semester practicing for the annual Notre Dame – St. Joseph Flag Football Game and gathering trees in order to build the thirty foot bonfire. In the morning, we play football; in the evening, we light the bonfire. For AYF, everyone participates in a variety of ways from setting up the field, to taking out trash, to taking videos. Over 5,000 participants could not come enjoy this conference without the hard work of the community.


Bonfire PrepWe pray together. Without a doubt, this is the driving force of the community’s strength and unity. Everyone is required to attend morning, evening, and night prayer along with Mass. Above what is required, many men have other devotions which they pray together such as the rosary or divine mercy chaplet.

We have fun together. We continually have functions, dinners, parties, or random social events in which everyone is invited to relax and get away from the stresses of life. In addition, we seldom experience a day without some type of sporting or physical activity occurring.

At the end of the day, these brothers are the support and love from which men here rely on to joyfully persevere on their journey to priesthood.